Minh Pham

Ph.D. Candidate, Tandon School of Engineering @NYU.


I am a second year Ph.D. Candidate at New York University, under the supervision of Prof. Chinmay Hegde, and part of the Algorithms and Foundations Group. Prior to this, I obtained dual Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. During my undergraduate studies, I had the privilege of being mentored by Prof. Jacob Whitehill.

Research: The goal of my research is to build algorithms that make deep neural networks safer and easier to use. In particular, my current works center on understanding memorization in text-to-image generative models and how to mitigate it. Furthermore, I have dedicated efforts to fortify DNNs against adversarial attacks, distributional shifts, and label noise.


Aug 3, 2023 Preprint on the vulnerability of concept erasure methods is out on Arxiv. Check out our project website!
Apr 15, 2021 I will start my Ph.D. in Computer Science at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Fall 2021. I’m supported by the Dean’s PhD Fellowship. :smile: